Desperate now I cry

Reasons are twisted

I know now not why?

A humble cave is all I seek

Why no neighbours

Are there to peek

At my world fragmented

In parcels

Waiting to unravel

In seas of disaster again

My friend

My only host

The one at parties I boast

A toast

To me the dyeing scum

Raise a glass now

And make me more numb



Cuts deep

Cuts strong

Cuts and heals

But my wound is long


I made them here is desperation

As rivers flowed above my head

I made them seeking admiration

From people I loved now dead


I have tattoos

Make with blood ink

They are prettier than your roses

They made me think

A Good Stuffing

I am a total tease

To be admired by me is a breeze


I do not write poetry or Fuck that often

Because I have an un-known tendency for the occasion to drag on like this sentence ………


I am a Stuffed animal

I am willing to paint my bottom bright colours

Wave them around like the New Union Jack


I have a Pac a Mac and use it quite often

Escaping my cave for a sniff at the options


I am too busy to bother to flirt

Treat me like Dirt, I’ll probably Enjoy it !





I stand alone


With arms outstretched

My soul is bare


Whispers silently to you Dear

I ask you in there is no-one here

Shhh now come quiet the bed is made

Shhh I’m lonely it’s a tiresome charade


Time i have used

I feel bruised

Upset and alone

Please call me on the phone

I shake I sweat i dance in fear

For the love of God take me out of here

A apple brown rotting in time

Is how i describe this life of mine

I used to bounce back

Now I only hide

Waiting for the wasps

To eat me alive





My paper

Chasing fast

My will to last

Facing the blasts

Boom shut out the light

Close my curtains to things

Very uncertain I wonder of my fate

Star Gazers


Voices and echos

I hear your words

As you type so distant

Your accent so slight

Warm breath breathing

This must be the gathering

Of Crystal children all shining bright

Willing to chase the stars tonight

Catching raindrops as they fall

We will not stand still

We always sit tall

The generation that comes to make things alright

A star light star bright

We have our wish tonight